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Title: Military Operational Energy A Fully Burdened Cost Model    [PDF]   [Permanent link]
Author(s): Ghanmi, A.
Corporate author(s): Defence Research and Development Canada, Ottawa ONT (CAN) Operational Research Div

Abstract: This paper presents an analytical framework for evaluating the Fully Burdened Cost of Energy in military operations. The methodology considers all operational factors in the energy supply chain, including transportation, infrastructure, manpower, maintenance, security protection, and storage of energy. The concept promises a proper evaluation of the energy costs when assessing different alternatives in military operations and acquisitions. It could also be used to inform decisions on the size and focus of investment in science and technology programs related to the development of efficient military capabilities, alternative fuel sources, and renewable energy solutions. This paper uses cost estimation techniques to formulate the Fully Burdened Cost of Energy and focuses on fuel-based military systems and operations. Two case studies using Canadian Forces domestic and deployed operational bases are presented and discussed to demonstrate the methodology.
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Report Number: DRDC-CORA-TM-2012-137; Technical Memorandum
Date of publication: 01 Jun 2012
Number of Pages: 46
DSTKIM No: CA036702
CANDIS No: 536324
Format(s):Electronic Document(PDF)