Photosimulation Procedures and Analysis to Enhance Camouflage Assessment


  1. Emond, E.J.
  2. Arseneau, L.
  3. Karpoff, C.
Corporate Authors
Operational Research Div, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
The NATO task group SCI-095 "Enhancement of Camouflage Assessment Techniques" was created in February 2001 to provide advice and recommendations on ways to enhance the measurement and analysis of camouflage effectiveness. This report focuses on camouflage assessment in the visible wavelength region using a methodology known as photosimulation in which observers are shown imagery under controlled conditions to simulate field conditions. A Canadian photosimulation trial was conducted in December 2001 to evaluate slides taken from a cable car at WTD52 in Germany. The data obtained from this trial will be compared to results from a camouflage assessment trial taking place in October 2002. The Canadian trial provided an opportunity to improve photosimulation experiments by standardizing procedures and by recommending the use of a set of warmup slides. A list of recommendations based on Canadian photosimulation experience over the past ten years is included in the report. The report also introduces the use of the first percentile to measure the threshold value for initial detection, recognition and identification ranges. Mathematical procedures for calculating an unbiased estimate of the first percentile and median ranges from photosimulation data are presented.

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ORD-PR-2002-16 — Project Report
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01 Nov 2002
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