ADAC: Automatic Document Analyser and Classifier


  1. Guitouni, A.
  2. Boury-Brisset, A-C.
  3. Belfares, L.
  4. Tiliki, K.
  5. Poirier, C.
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Defence R&D Canada - Valcartier, Valcartier QUE (CAN)
Military organizations have to deal with an increasing number of documents coming from different sources and in various formats (paper, fax, e-mails, electronic documents, etc.) The documents have to be screened, analyzed and categorized in order to interpret their contents and gain situation awareness. These documents should be categorized according to their contents to enable efficient storage and retrieval. In this context, intelligent techniques and tools should be provided to support this information management process that is currently partially manual. Integrating the recently acquired knowledge in different fields in a system for analyzing, diagnosing, filtering, classifying and clustering documents with a limited human intervention would improve efficiently the quality of information management with reduced human resources. A better categorization and management of information would facilitate correlation of information from different sources, avoid information redundancy, improve access to relevant information, and thus better support decision-making processes. DRDC Valcartier’s ADAC system (Automatic Document Analyzer and Classifier)incorporates several techniques and tools for document summarization and semantic analys is based on ontology of a certain domain (e.g. terrorism), and algorithms of diagnosis, classification and clustering. In this document, we describe the architecture of the system and the techniques and tools used at each step of the document proc

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Knowledge management;automatic text processing;text classification;text clustering;ontology
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DRDC-VALCARTIER-TR-2004-265 — Technical Report
Date of publication
01 Oct 2006
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