Final Report on Human Factors Research Conducted under the COMDAT Technology Demonstrator Project

Rapport Final de la Recherche sur les Facteurs Humains Menée dans le Cadre du Projet de Démonstration de la Technologie COMDAT


  1. Matthews, M.L.
  2. Rehak, L.
  3. Mcfadden, S.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN);Humansystems Inc, Guelph ONT (CAN)
The purpose of the COMmand Decision Aiding Technology (COMDAT) Technology Demonstrator Project (TDP) was to research and demonstrate multi-source data fusion (MSDF) technologies and carry out human factors (HF) studies to support upgrades to the Halifax Class Command and Control System (CCS), in the area of battle space awareness. Since the requisite HF knowledge to support this TDP did not exist, the HF component included the generation of the founding knowledge necessary for decision aid development in future projects. The major work items included the conduct of cognitive and functional task analyses to define the information requirements of the major Operations Room positions on Halifax Class ships; the development of human-in-the-loop measures of performance in order to evaluate strategies for conducting performance evaluations, define current performance in the Operations Room, and evaluate technologies including MSDF; recommendations for improvements to human computer interfaces in the existing CCS and the Technology Demonstrator (TD); the development of a concept of operations for user involvement in MSDF; and support for an evaluation of operator-system picture compilation performance using the final TD. The detailed results of the HF work have been published in a series of reports over the course of the project which lasted from June 2000 to March 2007. This final report provides a summary of the reports along with related material that informed and supplemented thi

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COMDAT;Navy;command and control;Multi Source Data Fusion (MSDF);Multi Function Task Analysis (MFTA);Cogntive Task Analysis (CTA);Cognitive Work Analysis (CWA);Hierarchical Goal Aalysis (HGA);Operator Machine Interface (OMI);Concept of operations;recognition;identification;symbology;uncertainty;style guide;Measures of Performance (MOPs);test and evaluation;operations room;tactical displays
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DRDC-TORONTO-CR-2007-149 — Contractor Report
Date of publication
01 Nov 2007
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