Structured Interview Questionnaire – Examining Convergent and Predictive Validity in a Sample of Privates


  1. Skomorovsky, A.
Corporate Authors
Director General Military Personnel Research & Analysis, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
The present study investigated the utility of using the Structured Interview Questionnaire (SIQ) as a part of the Canadian Forces (CF) selection system to assess personality of CF candidates. The convergent and predictive validity of the SIQ was assessed. The convergent validity of the SIQ was examined by comparing the measure to established measures of personality. The results of the study demonstrated that the SIQ is not consistent with the relevant factors of the comparison measures. In addition, the ability of the SIQ to predict basic training performance for privates was examined. Some of the structured interview questions were associated with better training performance. Specifically, work ethic and stress management were associated with greater performance on four training domains, dependability was associated with greater performance on three training domains, and organizational citizenship and openness to novel experiences were each associated with greater training performance on one training domain. However, the SIQ overall did not significantly predict performance in basic training. Therefore, there was no evidence for the convergent or predictive validity of the SIQ in this study. It is recommended that the SIQ be replaced with the Trait Self-Descriptive Personality Inventory (TSD-PI), which was previously found to be a good measure of personality and a good predictor of basic training performance in the CF.

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DGMPRA-TM-2009-004 — Technical Memorandum
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01 May 2009
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