Synthetic aperture processing of wideband scattering measurements made in the DRDC Atlantic acoustic calibration tank


  1. Fawcett, J.
  2. Fleming, R.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Atlantic, Dartmouth NS (CAN)
In this experiment we placed various objects, including actual practice limpet mines, on a one-metre diameter disc which was suspended in the DRDC Atlantic acoustic calibration tank from a rotator pole. Two different discs were considered, one aluminum and the other fibreglass. These discs were then rotated under a fixed MMPP projector and hydrophone. The geometry was arranged so that the mineshapes would appear directly under the projector/hydrophone during the rotation. The time series data and the corresponding spectra were presented and used for detection and classification experiments in another DRDC Atlantic technical memorandum. In the time series of that report, the echoes scattered from objects were evident when the projector and receiver were at significant distances away from the object. This was due to the wide beamwidths of the projector and hydrophone. In this report, we investigate the improved spatial resolution which can be obtained by beamforming the time series. There was only a single hydrophone used as a receiver so that the array for the beamforming is constructed using the motion of the disc with respect to the hydrophone. Examples of the scattered time series before and after beamforming will be presented.

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DRDC-ATLANTIC-TM-2008-112 — Technical Memorandum
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01 Sep 2008
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