HIGH RESOLUTION SIGNAL AND NOISE FIELD ESTIMATION USING THE L1 (LEAST ABSOLUTE VALUES) NORM (paper submitted for publication in IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering)

  1. Zala, C.A.
  2. Barrodale, I.
  3. Kennedy, J.S.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research Establishment Pacific, Victoria BC (CAN)
In the paper a new method for obtaining a quantitative estimate of an acoustic field consisting of a set of discrete sources and background noise is described. The method is based on the L1 (least absolute values) norm solution to an underdetermined system of linear equations defining the Fourier transform of the signal series. Implementations of the method with either equality or inequality constraints are presented and discussed. The much faster and more compact equality constraint version with a provision for modelling the noise field is recommended in practice. Experience with real data has shown the necessity of correcting for an observed Gaussian decay on the covariances. A means of estimating this effect and taking it into account in the signal estimation procedure is discussed, and the implications of this effect in high resolution beanforming are considered. TRUNCATED
Date of publication
01 Jan 1985
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Hardcopy;Originator's fiche received by DSIS

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