THE MICROSTRUCTURE AND PROPERTIES OF HOT ISOSTATICALLY CONSOLIDATED NEAR GAMMA TiAl POWDER (for presentation at the third International SAMPE Metals Conference, Toronto, Ontario, October 1992)

  1. Beddoes, J.
  2. Zhao, L.
  3. Wallace, W.
Corporate Authors
Carleton Univ, Ottawa ONT (CAN) Dept of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering;Chief of Research and Development, Ottawa ONT (CAN) Director Research and Development Air;Institute for Aerospace Research, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
Titanium aluminide powders of composition Ti-54%Al and Ti-48%Al-2%W were consolidated by hot isostatic pressing (HIP) in the temperature range 1025C to 1250C and the tensile properties of the latter alloy determined at ambient and elevated temperature (550C and 850C). The maximum ductilities obtained were 1.3% and 4.7% at room temperature and 850C respectively. The microstructures of as-HIP'ed and tensile deformed material were analyzed using optical and electron microscopy techniques. Tensile ductility is related to the homogeneity of deformation between prior dendritic and interdendritic regions. Tensile strength at room temperature and 550C is dependent on the HIP'ed grain size, while at the 850C temperature strength is independent of grain size. The best room temperature combination of strength and ductility is 505 MPa and 1.3% elongation, obtained by HIP'ing the ternary alloy at 1250C.
Date of publication
01 Oct 1992
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Hardcopy;Originator's fiche received by DSIS

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