RECENT DEVELOPMENTS IN LOW BACKGROUND GEIGER-MUELLER COUNTERS (paper presented at the Symposium on Nuclear Chemistry and Radiochemistry held at Montreal, Quebec, 7 - 9 September 1955)

  1. Grummitt, W.E.
  2. Brown, R.M.
  3. Cruikshank, A.J.
  4. Fowler, I.L.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research Chemical Labs, Ottawa ONT (CAN);Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd, Chalk River ONT (CAN)
Possible construction materials have been examined in detail for radioactive content in an effort to achieve minimum inherent activity in the assembly. The cosmic ray component of the normal background has been eliminated by an anticoincidence arrangement. Increased reliability of the system is obtained through (a) use of a multiple anode anticoincidence counter in place of a bundle of tubes, (b) use of an electronic quench on both sample and shielding counters, and (c) operation of the assembly as flow counters in tandem. In the best arrangement to date a copper counter with a polystyrene seal gives a background of 0.9 counts per minute.
Report Number
AECL-274 — Reprint; Previously accessioned as DSIS 56/06268
Date of publication
15 Nov 1955
Number of Pages
Reprinted from
Canadian J of Chemistry, vol 34, 1956, p 206-213
Hardcopy;Originator's fiche received by DSIS

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