Operator Gaze Position Control Interfaces: Investigation of Psychophysical and Operational Parameters

  1. Stampe, D.M.
  2. Reingold, E.M.
  3. Grodski, J.J.
Corporate Authors
SR Research, Toronto ONT (CAN);Defence and Civil Inst of Environmental Medicine, Downsview ONT (CAN)
Real-time monitoring of an operator's gaze position on a computer display of response options may form an important element of future computer interfaces and teleoperation control systems. In one implementation, the gaze position can serve as a pointer, and a critical length of gaze serves as selection, leaving the operator's hands free for other tasks. Control tasks such as multiple option selection, or looking for targets embedded within a picture are especially suited to selection by gaze position monitoring, since the search usually terminates on the object to be selected. More complex control functions can be implemented through multilevel "menus" of choices. Although gaze position control systems have been tried with moderate success in the past, little systematic investigation of the human parameters of gaze position control has been carried out. In the present research program, important parameters of gaze selection such as fixation position accuracy, selection error rates, and the effects of real-time gaze position feedback were investigated. Experimental results will be used to suggest guidelines for creation and use of gaze position response in control interfaces.
Report Number
AGARD-CP-541-PAP-13 — CONTAINED IN 94-05128
Date of publication
01 May 1994
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