Low Cost Software-Based Rendering and Stereoscopic Interfaces for Teleoperation and Virtual Reality

  1. Stampe, D.M.
  2. Grodski, J.J.
Corporate Authors
SR Research, Toronto ONT (CAN);Defence and Civil Inst of Environmental Medicine, Downsview ONT (CAN)
Many interface systems require generation of 3D graphics, whether as the entire display in virtual reality systems or as an overlay on live video in teleoperation. Costs must be kept low to make such systems practical, but real-time response speed must not be sacrificed. Described here is a very low-cost rendering and VR support package for 386 and 486 PCs, which requires no added hardware to achieve real-time drawing rates (20 to 60 frames per second). It includes integral support for generation and display of stereoscopic graphics in many formats, including field-alternate displays using LCD shutter glasses, and wide-angle head-mounted displays. Many common PC interface devices are supported, including mouse, joystick, 6D pointing devices, and head trackers. Inexpensive PC multimedia cards allow output to be recorded on a VCR, or overlaid onto live video, including stereoscopic TV images from teleoperated remote cameras. Full source code is available, allowing the software to be customized for amy application.
Report Number
AGARD-CP-541-PAP-19 — CONTAINED IN 94-05128
Date of publication
01 May 1994
Number of Pages
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