Water Flow into Foxe Basin Through Fury and Hecla Strait

  1. Sadler, H.E.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research Establishment Pacific, Victoria BC (CAN)
The paper presents a brief survey of waterlevel and current observations made in Fury and Hecla Strait in April and May 1976. The main results of tide level observations at six stations show that the character of the tide changes linearly along the strait and that the waters east of Ormonde and Elder Islands behave as part of Foxe Basin rather than as part of the strait. The phase differences give rise to rapid currents in the narrow channels between the islands, resulting in polynyas. The currents, measured near the mid-point of the strait, have a large tidal component with velocities up to 0.5 m/s. The residual currents indicate a mean flow of 0.045 x E6 cubic m/s to the east, with a small westerly flow of 0.006 x E6/cubic m/s on the south side of the channel between 20 and 50 m depth. The approximate net annual transport into Foxe Basin (1.2 x E12 cubic m) is about one quarter of the total volume of the basin and should have important effects on its oceanography.
Report Number
REPR-83-2 —
Date of publication
01 Jan 1982
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Naturaliste Can (Rev Ecol Syst), no 109, 1982, p 701-707
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