The Relationship of Foot Shape and Sensitivity to Comfort of Shoe-Inserts


  1. Liu, W.
  2. Stefanyshyn, D.J.
  3. Nigg, B.M.
  4. Miller, J.E.
  5. Nurse, M.A.
Corporate Authors
Defence and Civil Inst of Environmental Medicine, Downsview ONT (CAN);Calgary Univ, Calgary ALTA (CAN) Human Performance Lab
Army personnel are generally very physically active individuals performing various different physical activities. The choice of appropriate footwear is essential for any physical activity and any specific individual. It is speculated that comfortable footwear will optimise an individual's performance and reduce the frequency of traumatic and overuse injuries. Although it is generally accepted that individuals with different foot and leg characteristics require subject specific functional footwear, this option is not readily available to army personnel. To increase performance and decrease injuries it is necessary to determine which specific characteristics of the human foot or leg determine the reaction to different footwear and insert variables. Ultimately this information should be used to prescribe appropriate footwear to specific individuals. The purpose of this study was to determine anthropometric and sensory factors, which may predict the short-term reaction of the foot to a set of selected boot-insert constructions. A total of 106 male subjects volunteered in this project. Measurements of foot shape, leg characteristics, and foot sensitivity were conducted on each subjects. Each subject was then asked to perform walking and running trials on an indoor track while wearing the CF Combat Boot MkIII in which an insert was placed. TRUNCATED
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DCIEM-CR-1999-036 — Contract Report
Date of publication
30 Jul 1998
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