Effects of Noisy Binocular Disparity in Stereoscopic Virtual-Reality Systems


  1. Howard, I.P.
  2. Palmisano, S.
  3. Allison, R.S.
  4. Fang, X.
Corporate Authors
Defence and Civil Inst of Environmental Medicine, Downsview ONT (CAN);Institute for Space and Terrestrial Science, North York ONT (CAN)
We defined three types of noise that occur in stereoscopic displays. Integral disparity noise is random binocular disparity added to the disparity that defines depth in the stereogram. Segregated disparity noise is extra binocular elements superimposed on the stereogram. Uncorrelated noise is extra monocular elements added to the image in one or other eye. We investigated the effects of one or other types of dispority noise on four tasks that are commonly required to be performed in stereoscopic virtual reality systems. The first is the detection of modulations of depth in a surface, the second is the perception of distinct planes in depth, the third is motion in depth, and the fourth is the tracking of an object moving in depth by vergence movements of the eyes. We found the detection of modulations in depth and of distinct depth planes to be remarkably resistant to the addition of integral disparity noise. Vertical disparity noise had less effect than horizontal disparity noise which we believe is due to the fact that vertical disparities are averaged over a large area than horizontal disparities. Both types of integral disparity noise had more effect on the detection of more closely packed depth modulations. We propose that this is because the peaks and troughs of more closely packed depth modulations are defined by fewer texture elements when, as is often the case in a virtual-reality system, the density of texture elements is constant. TRUNCATED
Binocular disparities;Depth perception;Stereopsis;Stereoscopic display systems;Stereoscopic vision;Virtual reality;Vision;Head mounted displays
Report Number
DCIEM-CR-1999-071 — Contractor Report
Date of publication
15 Jul 1999
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