A Comparative Analysis of Attrition Rates in the Radio and Teletype Operator Occupations by Rank and Gender


  1. Jesion, A.
  2. Winiszewska, M.
Corporate Authors
Operational Research Div, Ottawa ONT (CAN) Director Operational Research (Corporate, Air & Maritime);Operational Research Div, Ottawa ONT (CAN) Personnel Operational Research Team
The Teletype Operator (TEL OP) Occupation is scheduled to be deleted by 31 March 2003 with personnel in this occupation encouraged to take an occupational transfer to the Radio Operator (RAD OP) occupation. The Personnel Operational Research Team (PORT) has developed a career flow model of the RAD OP occupation that takes into account both current population demographics and proposed policy changes. Attrition rates for use in this model were based on the "worst case" assumption that the "higher" historical attrition rates of RAD OP would apply. This paper documents a statistical analysis of historical attrition rates according to rank, years of service and gender for the RAD OP and TEL OP occupations. A careful analysis of the available historical data has revealed a complex relationship between attrition rates in these two occupations. When the data are all grouped together, little can be concluded because underlying patterns are obscured. It can be demonstrated that historical attrition rates for the RAD OP occupation are "higher" than for the TEL OP occupation, but this effect is concentrated at the lower ranks and experience levels. At ranks above Master Corporal, TEL OP attrition rates are higher. Also, a number of gender-based attrition comparisons have been made within the TEL OP occupation as it has significantly more female members than the RAD OP occupation. TRUNCATED
Military Human Resource Policy;Personnel Operational Research;Military occupations;Human Resource Analysis Tools;Radio operators;Teletype operators;Attrition rates
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ORD-DOR(CAM)-RN-9913 — Research Note
Date of publication
01 Aug 1999
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