Chaff and Jamming Effectiveness Simulator for Anti-Ship Cruise Missile Engagement: Validation and Application


  1. Ozard, J.M.
  2. Johnson, J.
  3. Wong, J.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research Establishment Ottawa, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
The two-dimensional chaff and jamming effectiveness simulator for anti-ship cruise missile engagements, Chaff and Jamming Anti-Ship Cruise Missile (CJASCM), is currently under development under a Defence Industrial Research (DIR) contract. CJASCM was rapidly prototype in the fifth generation language Simulink which itself is built on Matlab and is therefore modular and open to modification to a few missiles on few ships from the present one missile on one ship simulation. DREO provided Beta testing of CJASCM as agreed under the DIR contract and carried out the limited validation described here. Numerous simulations of chaff effectiveness as a function of chaff position, missile heading and wind heading, confirmed that the simulations followed the conceptual model as summarised in this document and that the code was robust. The present simulation can be used for illustrative purposes and after further development and end-to-end validation could be used for training and for investigating ways of identifying chaff decoy tactics. In order to use the code for developing precise electronic warfare tactics for a one-on one engagement, further development and validation of the overall simulation and of the modules comprising the simulation will be required. TRUNCATED
Engagement simulation;Validation;Tactics;Anti-ship cruise missile
Report Number
DREO-TM-1999-061 — Technical Memorandum
Date of publication
01 Jun 1999
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