Calibration of Pats at DREA Calibration Barge


  1. Hamm, C.A.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research Establishment Atlantic, Dartmouth NS (CAN);Guigne International Ltd, Paradise NFLD (CAN)
This report describes the calibration of the PATS sonar during January 1999 at the DREA Calibration Barge. The PATS sonar is a high-powered low-frequency parametric array designed and built by Guigne International Ltd., Paradise, Newfoundland. Tests were carried out at the primary frequency of 100 kHz and difference frequencies 1,2,4,8 and 10 kHz. Measurements were carried out at ranges between 3 m and 16 m from the transducer face along the acoustic axis. At a range of 10 m beam pattern measurements at difference frequencies 2, 4 and 8 kHz were made. Measurements in both the time and frequency domain, over the frequency range 90 to 510 kHz, were made which illustrate the harmonic distortion brought on by finite amplitude propagation of a 100 kHz CW signal. This report describes the experimental setup, methodology, data format, data organization, and graphically presents a portion of the data collected. A comprehensive theoretical evaluation of the data was not performed. This work was carried out with the assistance of the Scientific Authority, and DREA technical staff, and was supported by DSS Contract W7707-8-6319/A.
Parametric array;Calibration
Report Number
DREA-CR-1999-080 — Contractor Report
Date of publication
01 Apr 1999
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