UNIT Overview - A R&D Project to Improve the Way We Do NDT


  1. Brassard, M.
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Tektrend International Inc, St-Laurent QUE (CAN);Defence Research Establishment Atlantic, Dartmouth NS (CAN)
We will present the results of an on-going research program to create an augmented reality for nondestructive evaluations where a CAD representation of the part or structure under inspection is augmented with a real-time display of the robot and display of the inspection results from a viewpoint and at a scale selected by the inspector. This graphic display aims at providing a unique workplace meatphor for the inspector more suited to the inspection environment than the desktop metaphor prevalent in most interfaces. The project applies the tools of data representation and robot control in conjunction with application specific tools for ultrasonic and eddy-current inspection and data processing. Intelligent systems technologies is applied in the areas of automation of probe manipulation for data acquisition and the data processing, interpretation and display. The robot vehicle will attach to surfaces in any orientation on both magnetic and non-magnetic materials with self-locomotion independent of attachment tooling and articulation assemblies. It is designed to be applicable to a wide range of well-defined requirements within the scope of motion confined to a surface with 3D topology.
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DREA-SR-1999-162-PAP-2 — CONTAINED IN CA000150
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01 Oct 1999
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