Applications of High-Frequency Pulsed Water Jets for the Removal of Marine Coatings


  1. Vijay, M.M.
  2. Yan, W.
  3. Tieu, A.
  4. Pecman, S.
Corporate Authors
VLN Advanced Technologies Inc, Gloucester ONT (CAN);Defence Research Establishment Atlantic, Dartmouth NS (CAN)
Experiments are in progress on the removal of several types of marine coatings with ultrasonically modulated high frequency pulse water jets. Following an extensive laboratory investigation, a pre-commercial prototype has been manufactured. The machine has been tested for the removal of several types of marine coatings. Removal rates typically of the order of 50 ft square/hr were obtained at water pressures as low as 5,000 psi. Although continuous water jets are becoming increasingly popular for the removal of hard coatings, the magnitude of pressure employed is well above 15,000 psi. Thus, pulsed water jets offer distinct advantages compared to continuous water jets and conventional removal systems such as sand blasting, needle gun techniques, etc. Since low pressures are involved, compact portable machines which are safe, user and environmentally friendly, can be manufactured at competitive costs. The paper will discuss the fundamentals of pulsed water jet technology followed by experimental results on the removal of several types of marine coatings.
Marine coatings;Pulsed water jets
Report Number
DREA-SR-1999-162-PAP-14 — CONTAINED IN CA000150
Date of publication
01 Oct 1999
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