Reliability of Smart Composite Materials


  1. MacDonald, D.O.
  2. Kalamkarov, A.L.
  3. Georgiades, A.
  4. Fitzergerald, S.B.
Corporate Authors
Innovacorp Materials Services Group, Dartmouth NS (CAN);Defence Research Establishment Atlantic, Dartmouth NS (CAN)
A smart composite material is a structure which contains a built in sensing device, used to monitor the current state and serviceability of a structure over its entire service life. One such type of sensing device is a fiber optic strain sensor. The small size of these strain sensors and their leads means that they can be embedded within a composite material without degrading its mechanical properties. As well, if the sensor is embedded in the cross section of an FRP composite product such as rebar, then the sensor will be protected from rough handling during fabrication and construction phases. Extenerally bonded gages are inherently more susceptible to damage or failure. As an added benefit, embedded fiber optic strain gages can be used as a quality assurance tool during the manufacturing process for the FRP composites, in measuring such parameters as degree of cure for the resin matrix system. As compared to conventional types of foil strain gages, fiber optic strain sensors are light weight, resistant to corrosion and electromagnetic interference, and have excellent sensitivity.
Smart materials
Report Number
DREA-SR-1999-162-PAP-34 — CONTAINED IN CA000150
Date of publication
01 Oct 1999
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