Application of Probabilistic Corrosion Model for Reliability Assessment of Ship Structural Panels


  1. Orisamolu, I.R.
  2. Akpan, U.O.
  3. Brennan, D.P.
Corporate Authors
MARTEC Ltd, Halifax NS (CAN);Defence Research Establishment Atlantic, Dartmouth NS (CAN)
Corrosion is one of the most important damage mechanisms for ship structures and a significant portion of the maintenance budget is directed toward corrosion-related problems. There are serveral forms of corrosion that could be present in ship panels. The two board categories in this regard are pitting and general corrosion. Although ship engineers have employed this categorization scheme, the natural morphology of real corrosion defects is usually somewhere between the two. In a companion presentation a random filed modelling approach for characterization of the effective thickness of ship structural panels due to corrosion has been developed. In this work the reliability assessment of the residual strength of ship structural panels based on the random field model of effective thickness is undertaken. Advanced probabilistic reliability techniques namely: the first-order and second-order reliability methods are employed to compute the reliablity of corroded ship panels with reference to different failure modes. The merit of the probabilistic approach is demonstrated via the solution of several example problems, and the use of quantitative measures of probabilistic sensitivity to illustrate the most important model parameters and their associated uncertainties is given.
Probabilistic models
Report Number
DREA-SR-1999-162-PAP-42 — CONTAINED IN CA000150
Date of publication
01 Oct 1999
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