Materials Solutions to the Aging Aircraft Problem


  1. McRae, K.I.
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Chief of Research and Development, Ottawa ONT (CAN) Air Vehicle Research Section
The Air Vehicles Research Detachment is responsible for the delivery of all R&D that directly concerns the CF aircraft in the areas of aircraft structures and materials, aeropropulsion, aerodynamics and flight mechanics. The constraints to maintain these fleets of aging aircraft for extended periods of time has required the development of novel approaches and concepts in order to reduce the costs involved in this long term maintenance effort. This paper will outline the severity of the "aging aircraft" problem within the CF and will describe several of these recent developments that are or will be applied from the materials perspective. These will include: - a novel heat treatment for 7075-T6 aluminum alloys in order to reduce the incidence of stress corrosion cracking and the possible in-situ application on major aircraft structural components; - the development of methodologies for the repair and re-certification of gas turbine engine components; - the development of improved techniques for nondestructive evaluation, particularly for the detection of hidden corrosion and cracks under fasteners; and - the development of new metrics for the quantification of corrosion as well as methods for assessing the interaction of corrosion and fatigue damage.
Aging aircraft
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DREA-SR-1999-162-PAP-45 — CONTAINED IN CA000150
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01 Oct 1999
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