Progress and Plans the Improved Ship Structures Maintenance Management (ISSMM) Project


  1. Pegg, N.G.
  2. Porter, J.F.
  3. Graham, A.R.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research Establishment Atlantic, Dartmouth NS (CAN)
The ISSMM project was initiated by DND in 1996 to provide a validated tool for engineers to use in making rational assessments of the effects of degradation and damage on a ship's structural capability to undertake a given mission. The project encompasses the integration of modern sea load prediction methods, finite element models, fatigue and ultimate strength analysis and an extensive data management system into an engineering software tool. ISSMM is the largest project involving ship structures R&D in Canada, with some components being used by and supported by other nations. This paper discusses recent progress on ISSMM including the development of structural sea load cases from defined operational profiles, validation of load and response prediction methods via sea trials, an improved method for efficient production of detail finite element models, the object-oriented ship database management system developed for ISSMM, and the integration of load prediction codes and ultimate strength evaluation modules with structural finite element analysis. Example problems of the effects of corrosion on strength and of crack propagation will be discussed.
Ship structures
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DREA-SR-1999-162-PAP-46 — CONTAINED IN CA000150
Date of publication
01 Oct 1999
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