Integration of a Direct Voice Input System into the Aircraft Crewstation Demonstrator


  1. McKay, D.E.
Corporate Authors
Defence and Civil Inst of Environmental Medicine, Downsview ONT (CAN);Canadian Marconi Co, Kanata ONT (CAN) Human Factors Engineering Aerospace Div
On March 9, 1998, Canadian Marconi Company (CMC) was awarded a contract for the integration of a Direct Voice Input (DVI) system into the Aircraft Crewstation Demonstrator (ACD) for use in controlling the CH146 Griffon Control and Display (CDU). Verbex Speech Commander speech recognition systems have been integrated into both the CMC and Defence and Civil Institute for Environmental Medicine (DCIEM) ACD facilities so that tests and evaluations may be performed in a realistic workload environment. The ACD is an ideal facility to carry out this research since it is capable of re-creating a virtual CH146 platform including virtual CDUs. The ACD also permits generation of a simulated helicopter noise environment. A data collection and monitoring facility has been established in the ACD for recording the results of the trials. The aim of this User Manual Supplement is to provide a summary of the basic operating instructions and procedures required to operate the Verbex speech recognition systems in the ACD environment. Complete detailed instructions for Verbex speech recognition system operation are contained in the set of manuals provided by Verbex Voice Systems, Inc. TRUNCATED
Direct Voice Input (DVI);Helicopter operation;Human engineering;Verbex;Rapid prototyping;Aircraft Crewstation Demonstrator
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DCIEM-CR-1999-094 — Contractor Report
Date of publication
20 Sep 1999
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