Intelligent Help in the LOCATE Workspace Layout Tool


  1. Edwards, J.L.
Corporate Authors
Defence and Civil Inst of Environmental Medicine, Downsview ONT (CAN);Artificial Intelligence Management and Development Corp, Toronto ONT (CAN)
The primary purpose of this contract was to add intelligent help to the LOCATE Workspace Layout Tool. A dual approach emerged combining: (1) clever techniques that imply underlying intelligence; and , (2) a more in-depth approach that laid the groundwork for providing truly intelligent help to LOCATE users. Both approaches rely on LOCATE's ability to track user actions at the interface. The second approach identifies principal goals implied by every action taken by a user, which includes all menu, palette and object selections, all keyboard shortcuts and all text entry. Building Explicit Models was identified as a foundation for an in-depth help system for LOCATE. Consequently, a Task Model was implemented to display the results of LOCATE's action tracking and associated goal inferencing. User and System (Self) Models were created to show LOCATE's beliefs about the user's knowledge and about its own knowledge of how it is able help users, respectively. Extensions were made to LOCATE's hypertext help system, a demonstration tutorial was created using a multimedia delivery tool and a Quick Start User Manual was developed to aid new users in working with LOCATE. Finally, as part of a proof-of-concept study for the US Navy, LOCATE was used to analyse some of their notional ICe designs. A presentation was given to US Navy staff and a report of the work was prepared under separate cover.
Human Engineering Tools;Human Factors Engineering Tools;Human modeling;Facility layout;Workspace design;Workspace layout;Computer programs (LOCATE);Adaptive interfaces;Explicit User Models;Intelligent Help;Usability;Workstations
Report Number
DCIEM-CR-1999-088;AC-196 — Contractor Report (Final)
Date of publication
01 Jun 1999
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