Benefits of Respiratory Heat and Moisture Exchangers During Cold Exposures


  1. Carnevale, N.
  2. Ducharme, M.B.
Corporate Authors
Defence and Civil Inst of Environmental Medicine, Downsview ONT (CAN)
The purpose of this paper was to serve as a literature review overviewing the current state of knowledge pertaining to respiratory heat and mositure exchangers (HME's). Recommendations were extracted from the review with the intention of informing the Dwyer Hill Training Centre so that an informed decision could be made regarding further laboratory testing of HME's as well as setting policy regarding the use of HME's as an ergogenic aid for the Canadian Forces (CF). Detailed for the reader were the general physical properties and mechanism of funciton of most modern HME's, as well as their application to respiratory heat and moisture retention, reduction of cold and/or exercise induced bronchoconstriction, and medical environments. Although the majority of the papers reviewed reported positive findings - with the only real challenges coming from the medical community - no hard evidence was found to support the use of HME's as an ergogenic aid in the reduction of respiratory heat and moisture loss. However, there may be some merit for the use of HME's as performance enhancers by those individuals who are predisposed to respiratory complications that are further aggravated by cold and/or exercise exposure. TRUNCATED
Asthma;Cold bronchoconstriction;Spirometry;Respiratory heat loss;Moisture loss;Literature reviews
Report Number
DCIEM-TR-1999-098 — Techncal Report
Date of publication
01 Sep 1999
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