A Preliminary Study of Handwear


  1. Dyck, W.R.
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Defence and Civil Inst of Environmental Medicine, Downsview ONT (CAN)
A number of long-standing deficiencies in individual Canadian Forces (CF) clothing, and in particular handwear, have been identified. Clothe the Soldier (CTS) is a current project trying to overcome many clothing deficiencies, including handwear. An Arctic Mitt, a Combat Glove with liner, and a Combat Vehicle Crewman (CVC) Glove make up the current CF handwear inventory. Within the CTS project, five gloves have been identified which will compliment or replace these items. It is propossed that an Extreme Cold Weather Mitt Liner will be added to, and integrated with the Arctic Mitt, to provide short term thermal protection in the cold while performing tasks which require dexterity/tactility. It is proposed that the Combat Glove will be replaced with two gloves, namely a Cold Wet Weather Glove for use when temperatures are around 0C, and a Temperate Combat Glove for warmer weather. The CVC Glove will be replaced. A Mortarman Glove will be added to the Canadian Forces inventory as a new piece of kit. Much of what appears in the SORs written for each of the five gloves described above, is anecdotal in nature, and therefore should be validated. Studies should be done to determine the proper ranking of handwear characteristics, and as such, identify which characteristics are most important to the soldier.
Handwear characteristics;Validation study;Focus groups;Statement of Requirements
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DCIEM-TM-1999-102 — Technical Memorandum
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01 Oct 1999
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