Sonar Image Processing System II Upgrade Phase 1: Selection of Computing Platform


  1. Fawcett, J.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research Establishment Atlantic, Dartmouth NS (CAN);Barrodale Computing Services Ltd, Victoria BC (CAN)
Barrodale Computing Services, under contract to DREA/EDRD, had previously implemented sonar image processing algorithms on a DEC/Unix platform utilizing the ILLUSTRA database system and ENVI/DL software. Since the end of those contracts, there have been changes to the dtabase and image processing packages as well as a significant increase in computing power available in relatively inexpensive PC-platforms and workstations. The goal of this contract was the porting of the previously developed software to new, more powerful computers utilizing the current versions of the database and image processing software. The contract consisted of two phases: (1) the analysis of the best hardware-software configuration for the system; (2) the purchase of the suggested hardware/software and the implementation of the sonar image processing system. The first part of the report - Phase 1 describes the various computer options for the system in terms of cost and performance. The second part of the report - Phase 2 - describes the implementation of the sonar imaging software on the new system, includes a user's manual, and has suggestions for future work.
SIPS (Sonar Image Processing System)
Report Number
DREA-CR-1999-039 — Contractor Report
Date of publication
01 May 1999
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Hardcopy;Document Image stored on Optical Disk

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