Simulation of Weather Clutter as Measured by X-Band Phased Array Radar


  1. Thomson, A.D.
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Defence Research Establishment Ottawa, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
A high fidelity simulation of weather clutter signals as measured by low-PRF phased array radar has been created to provide a controllable data source for use in assessing algorithms designed to detect targets in an environment containing precipitation. The simulation was designed to model X-band radar. However, it can also be used to model C- and S-band radar systems. A complete description of the physical models used in the simulation and their mathematical implementation is presented. Data were generated in three example scenarios to demonstrate the function and capabilities of the simulation. First, a generic horizon search radar was simulated. The resulting signals compared well with theoretical expectations in terms of statistics, spectral moments, range dependence, and correlation in range. Second, a vertically pointing radar was simulated. The resulting spectra exhibited the changes in shape and Doppler velocity, associated with thermodynamic phase changes of precipitation, that have been observed by vertically pointing radar systems. Lastly, the simulation was used to reproduce exotic spectral shapes that have been measured by a real radar system. It was found that significantly non-Gaussian shapes would be rarely observed in stratiform precipitation by radar systems using small beamwidths. TRUNCATED
Horizon search;Statistical fluctuations;Naval radar;Weather clutter
Report Number
DREO-TR-1999-077 — Technical Report
Date of publication
01 Sep 1999
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