DIINS Failure Detection Isolation and Reconfiguration Procedures


  1. Arden, D.A.G.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research Establishment Ottawa, Ottawa ONT (CAN);Dale Arden Consulting, Kanata ONT (CAN)
The Dual Inertial Integrated Navigation System (DIINS) is a Kalman Filter based, multi-sensor optimally integrated navigation system developed at the Defence Research Establishment Ottawa. DIINS runs a number of filters simultaneously in an architecture called an Hierarchic Alliance of Filters. The filters are arranged in a "root" structure with each of two main branches based on data from one INS. At the tope of the root, all available aiding sensors are used to form the measurements. At the base, each filter uses only one aiding sensor. Itermediate filter levels contain ever decreasing numbers of aiding sensors. This architecture ensures that there is always at least one uncorrupted filter, regardless of the sensor failure status. The highest level filter which is safe from corruption by a sensor failure is eligible for use as DIIN's output source. This report describes two types of sensor failures - hard (an abrupt change in sensor performance identified by measurement tests) and soft (a slowly accumulating change in sensor performance identified by specialized tests). Methods of detecting both failure types are described. Then, procedures are derived which combine the failure detection tests from more than one filter to isolate sensor failures. Finally, failure detection and isolation results are used to select the best source for DIINS output.
DIINS (Dual Inertial Integrated Navigation System);Real time operations;ECDIS (Electronic Chart and Display Information System);Error analysis;FDIR (Failure Detection, Isolation and Reconfiguration);Failure detection;Failure isolation;GPS;Loran-C
Report Number
DREO-CR-1999-114;DAC-03-97 — Contractor Report; Technical Report
Date of publication
01 Aug 1997
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