Degradation in Manual Dexterity Tasks Attributable to the Mark 6 Prototype New Concept NBC Protective Glove - Final Report


  1. Szlapetis, I.
  2. Weihrer, S.J.
  3. Rhodes, W.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research Establishment Suffield, Ralston ALTA (CAN);Rhodes and Associates, Willowdale ONT (CAN)
A new concept nuclear biological chemical (NBC) protective glove design is currently being developed at the Defence Research Establishment in Ottawa (DREO). A natural latex dipped and a compression molded bromobutyl rubber version of the latest, Mark 6 design were recently developed and produced (in small quantities) at the DREO. The purpose of this investigation was to evaluate the influence of four hand wear conditions on performance in the manual dexterity tasks and on subjective measures of fit, function and comfort. The hand wear conditions were Bare Hands, Latex glove, Molded glove, and a Molded glove plus a string knit Liner. Four manual dexterity tests were conducted for each glove condition: the Minnesota Rate of Manipulation Test, the Cord Manipulation and Cylinger Stringing Test, and Magazine Loading Test. This report summarizes the development of the manual dexterity test protocol as outlined in detail in an earlier report (Weihrer and Rhodes, 1991). This report presents the results of the dexterity testing, and recommendations for further modification of the new concept glove design.
Individual protective equipment;NBC gloves;Performance;Ease;Functional fit
Report Number
DRES-CR-1999-103 — Contract Report (Final Report)
Date of publication
01 Aug 1999
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