The 1998 Polar Margin Aeromagnetic Program (PMAP) Sruvey Over the Lincoln Sea


  1. Nelson, B.
  2. Hardwick, D.
  3. Marcotte, D.
  4. Damaske, D.
  5. Forsyth, D.
  6. Keating, P.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research Establishment Atlantic, Dartmouth NS (CAN)
The multi-agency PMAP group has collected high-resolution aeromagnetic data along the Canada-Greenland polar margin since 1989. The surveys use the National Research Council Convair 580 aircraft flying at 220 knots and 300 m altitude (draped over land) along flight lines 3-4 km apart. The data are collected at 8 Hz. GPS is used for flight guidance and DGPS for track recovery. Two unconventional processing techniques were used in analysing the 1998 survey. Aircraft-generated noise was reduced by an additional level of post processing. Each survey and tie line flown contained a few aircraft manoeuvres in low magnetic gradient areas. Corrections derived from these data were applied, and resulted in significantly lower noise than did conventional processing. In addition, the horizontal gradients along the survey line were measured directly using two wingup magnetometers. The gradient values were used to compute total-field estimates along pseudo-lines on either side of the flight lines. A total-field grid was then computed using twice as many line-km of data as in the original flight lines. These gradient-enhanced maps show more short-wavelength detail and have fewer leveling errors than conventional maps.
Aeromagnetic surveys;Aircraft self-noise;Aircraft generated noise
Report Number
DREA-SL-1999-70 — External Paper
Date of publication
30 Jun 1999
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