Managing Uncertainty in Digital Geographical Information: Final Report


  1. Lam, S.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research Establishment Ottawa, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
In recent years, data quality and uncertainty management has received stong interest from the geomatics community. The data quality issues related to the use of digital geographical information (DGI) are important because the migration from paper maps to digital databases has introduced a whole new paradigm on managing and using geospatial data. The Canadian Forces (CF) is a major producer and consumer of geographical data. Therefore, it is important for the CF to stay abreast of developments pertaining to data quality issues. This project is aimed at understanding the novel concepts in data quality and techniques in managing uncertainty in DGI. The project consists of many work units to explore the elements of data quality, methods of assessment, documentation, visualization, and uncertainty management techniques. The details of the experiments and results are described in five contrator reports. This document compliments the contractor reports by presenting the research materials at a conceptual level. The benefits of this project are a thorough understanding of the important issues related to data quality and firsthand experience with many of the data quality assessment and uncertainty management methods using military-supplied DGI. This provides the CF with expertise to respond to current and future requirements in this area.
Quality management;Data quality;Dataset quality parameters;Quality parameters;Uncertainty management
Report Number
DREO-TR-1999-076 — Technical Report (Final Report)
Date of publication
01 Sep 1999
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