High Arctic Logistics in Support of the AUV Theseus


  1. Verrall, R.
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Defence Research Establishment Atlantic, Dartmouth NS (CAN)
In 1996 the Department of National Defence laid a 180-km-long fiber-optic cable under the heavy pack ice of the Arctic Ocean north of Alert, NWT. The most important player in this exercise was the large AUV, Theseus, which did the actual cable-lay. However, the success of the mission also depended on specialized logistics support. A 5 x 40-ft (1.5 x 13-m) hole had to be cut through the 6-ft (2-m) ice, and this involved the removal of 65,000 lb (30,000 kg) of ice. A 36 x 60-ft (11 x 18-m) tent was erected to provide heated space for Theuseus, and twin gantry cranes were installed within the tent for lifting Theseus into and out of the hole. Theseus had to be slung by helicopter out onto the ice in pieces, moved into the tent and put together on rails. To support this, a small city of tents had to be set up, both at the launching site and at navigational way-points along the route. Transportation for the many people had to be organized. The people of the Defence Research Establishment Pacific (DREP) have had many years of experience in the High Arctic, and this was made evident by the smooth way this all flowed together. This paper discusses the details of getting Theseus ready for its mission.
AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle)
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DREA-SL-1999-029 — Paper
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01 Jul 1999
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