Development of Firesafe Electrical Cable for Shipboard Use: Phase VIII


  1. Murthy, M.K.
  2. Das Gupta, S.
  3. Johar, S.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research Establishment Atlantic, Dartmouth NS (CAN);Electrofeul Manufacturing Co Ltd, Toronto ONT (CAN)
A cable design has been developed which meets not only the electrical performance requirements, but also is compatible with physical property specifications, e.g., flexibility, mechanical strength, and moisture resistance. A material composition comprising 80wt% KAOWOOL-20 wt% BN fibers has been developed to meet the property requirements of the electrical insulation of the cable. A unique semi-automatic "slurry-tape-casting" process has been developed for the fabrication of the ceramic insulation in the form of a continuous tape. Prototype cable segments, with lengths up to 12 feet were assembled from the insulation tape using Ni and Ni-coated copper electrical conducting wires. Although manual techniques were used for prototype calbe fabrication, engineering concepts were developed for continuous assembly. Prototype cables have been evaluated for their electrical performance, stability, mechanical properties, and moisture resistance. They have satisfactorily met all their target specifications. They have operated under electrical load at 1000C for more than one hour. Also they have withstood open-flame burning tests for more than three hours.
Boron nitride fibres;Ceramic insulation felts;Electrical cables;High temperature cables;Slurry casting process
Report Number
DREA-CR-1999-006 — Contractor Report (Final)
Date of publication
01 Mar 1999
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