Remote Surveillance Miniature Land Vehicle


  1. Grodski, J.J.
  2. Hall, B.
Corporate Authors
Defence and Civil Inst of Environmental Medicine, Downsview ONT (CAN)
A miniature remote surveillance land vehicle was developed for experimental real-time video/audio data acquisition in air defence live-fire training. A mobile sensing platform was needed to acquire the video/audio data at a close proximity to the gunners, without breaching safety restrictions. The platform was designed to be small, conforming to the need to transport it as a passenger luggage on a commercial airline. A commercially available ready-made largest 1/10 scale Radio Control (R/C) hobby vehicle with 4-wheel drive system was chosen as the platform. It incorporated pre-built drive, suspension and steering systems. It was battery powered. The chassis was fitted with 4 kg payload for a total weight of 8 kg. Upon modification, it was very stable. It was capable of climbing 15 cm sidewalk curbs, driving down off 20 cm ledges, climbing 10 to 20 slopes and through about 10 cm of light to medium snow with its original rubber tires. Its total travel range was shown to be over 800 m. The control function for the vehicle and its sensing system was achieved using an R/C unit whereby a channel-select plus channel signal multiplexing system was developed to operate one selected channel of 7 possible at a time using only two radio channels. TRUNCATED
Miniature vehicles;Surveillance vehicles (land);Remote mobile system;Remote video sensing;Mobility platforms (Miniature);Portable vehicles;Radio control;Telescoping masts (miniature);Teleoperated vehicles
Report Number
DCIEM-SL-2000-045 — Paper
Date of publication
01 May 2000
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