HFE-ICADD Configured for DND IT Environment


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Defence and Civil Inst of Environmental Medicine, Downsview ONT (CAN);Protogon Systems Inc, Ottawa Ont (CAN)
The Human Factors Engineering - Intelligent Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (HFE-ICADD) system was developed from a 1991/92 feasibility study to identify the requirements of the Directorate of Maritime Ship Support (DMSS) for tools to support the application of human factors engineering in the design of ship work-spaces. From 1994 to 1998 a consortium of three companies developed HFE-ICADD to assist DMSS review and comment on proposed designs, using case-based reasoning to provide expertise. The resulting HFE-ICADD software system was an operational prototype. Although it was favorably reviewed at the time of completion it was never integrated in the mainstream operations of DMSS 2-6, the system's end-user group. The system required extensive set-up and database populating work to be performed for it to become fully functional. So far, these activities have remained beyond the scope and resources available to DMSS 2-6. The original version of HFE-ICADD was based on an SGI Unix platform, which diverges from the direction established for DND's IT environment (which is PC-based and uses commercially available software). In response, a second series of short studies was sponsored to investigate the opportunity and feasibility to port and to re-configure the features of HFE-ICADD to a PC/Windows-based environment. TRUNCATED
Microsoft Windows operating system;Personal computers;Information technology environment;Human engineering;Ship workspace design;Porting software;Human systems integration;Workspace evaluation tools
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DCIEM-CR-2000-049 — Contractor Report
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01 Mar 2000
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