Equipment for loading test slugs & flight bodies operating instructions


  1. Weiss, D.
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Defence Research Establishment Suffield, Ralston ALTA (CAN);Brome Labs Inc, Cowansville QUE (CAN)
The Defence Research Establishment Suffield is planning to conduct experiments on the flight of hollow bodies through combustible gas. To achieve the high velocities needed to initiate combustion during flight, a large (155 mm) cannon will be employed to fire lightweight bodies into the gas. A specially designed, electrically fired, propelling charge is used to operate to gun at high muzzle velocities. This report is concerned with the operation of appliances designed for the loading and seating of the hollow bodies into the gun. In addition, the mechanism for introducing the firing circuit wiring into the powder chamber is dealt with, as well as equipment used in circulating the combustile gas. The items of equipment and the topics addressed are listed below: 1. Electrical feed through units. 2. Shaft packing for the combustion gas circulation fan. 3. The projectile ramming system. 4. Tools for inserting test slugs and hollow flight bodies into the gun bore. 5. Procedures for inserting the ramming test slugs and hollow flight bodies. Operating instructions are given in separate sections of this report, with each section devoted to one item of equipment. For quick reference the drawings and photographs mentioned are included with the text. Detail drawings are attached as appendices.
Guns (155mm);Test slugs;Ramming
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DRES-CR-2000-082 — Contract Report
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01 Mar 1999
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