Human factors integration requirements for Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs). Part III: literature review


  1. Angel, H.
  2. Brooks, J.
  3. Greenley, M.
  4. Kumagi, J.
Corporate Authors
Defence and Civil Inst of Environmental Medicine, Downsview ONT (CAN);Humansystems Inc, Guelph ONT (CAN);Greenley and Associates Inc, Waterloo ONT (CAN)
The aim of this project was to use the Directorate of Land Requirements (DLR)-3 Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV) Human Systems Integration (HSI) initiative to explore the kinds of information required, and the information which is currently available, to complete the HSI sections of the new Department of National Defence (DND) Statement of Operational Requirement (SOR) templates. The deliverables from this project include: 1) A report on how the HSI requirements in the new SOR templates can be addressed and how the AFV HSI information would be distributed as part of a www site using AFV HSI as a worked example. 2) A report on what AFV HSI information is known, what information needs to be collected, how much of it requires R&D needs to be completed, and the outline of an AFV HSI R&D program to generate the requirements for the future. 3) An annotated bibliography of the available information relevant to HSI requirements for future AFV related SORs, organized to match the SOR templates. This report contains the annotated bibliography (Report #3), and was developed to identify the kinds of human factors information currently available to complete the HSI sections in new AFV related DND SOR templates. TRUNCATED
Statement of Operational Requirement (SOR);Statement Of Requirements (SOR);Templates;Statement of Requirements (SOR);Human Systems Integration
Report Number
DCIEM-CR-2000-075 — Contractor Report
Date of publication
01 Oct 1999
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