Psychometric Assessment and Refinement of the Homecoming Issues Inventory of the Human Dimensions of Operations (HDO) Project


  1. Thompson, M.
  2. Pastò, L.
Corporate Authors
Defence and Civil Inst of Environmental Medicine, Downsview ONT (CAN)
The Homecoming Issues scale, developed by the Directorate of Human Resources Research and Evaluation (DHRRE) in support of the Human Dimensions of Operations (HDO) project, is designed to assess aspects relevant to the homecoming experience of Canadian Forces (CF) peacekeepers. The Homecoming Issues scale was distributed as part of the HDO's Postdeployment Questionnaire to 202 CF peacekeepers who had recently returned from a peace support operation in Bosnia. An initial review of the items comprising the Homecoming Issues scale led to the decision to separate the scale into three subcomponents: Homecoming Attitudes (HCA), Homecoming Events (HCE), and Homecoming Support (HCS). Next, we determined the psychometric soundness of the HCA and the HCS scales via a series of factor and reliability analyses. The HCE scale was categorical in nature and so was not amenable to similar psychometric analyses. Thus, data obtained from this scale were used to assess the proportion of returning peacekeepers that had experienced a variety of homecoming events. Results of these analyses led to item selection and refinement recommendations for each of the measures that assess homecoming issues. TRUNCATED
Combat stress;Psychological support;Humanitarian operations;Debriefing;Operations other than war;Psychological fitness;Lessons learned;Family support;Focus Groups;Support services;Buddy aid;Post traumatic stress;Self help;Peace support operations;Self reliance;HDO (Human Dimensions of Operations);HCA (Homecoming Attitudes);HCE (Homecoming Events);HCS (Homecoming Support)
Report Number
DCIEM-TR-2000-068 — Technical Report
Date of publication
01 Jul 2000
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