1997 Canadian Forces air operations vision survey. sections III, IV, V and VI: vision protectors and enhancers


  1. Heikens, M.F.
  2. Gray, G.W.
  3. O'Neill, H.J.
  4. Salisbury, D.A.
Corporate Authors
Defence and Civil Inst of Environmental Medicine, Downsview ONT (CAN)
In 1997, DCIEM conducted an Operational Vision Survey of current Canadian Forces (CF) pilots. This third report deals with those aspects related to vision protective and enhancement equipment, specifically sunglasses, visors, laser protective devices, and night vision goggles. 1551 questionnaires were sent out. 813 questionnaires were completed and 200 returned "undelivered" for a response rate of 60% of those actually received. Regarding the preference of specific vision protectors, significant differences were noted between Rotary Wing (RW), Single Crew Fixed Wing (SCFW) and Multiple Crew Fixed Wing (MCFW) pilots. Sunglasses were preferred by MCFW pilots, sun visors in combination with sunglasses by RW pilots, and clear visor by SCFW pilots. The tint of the current sun visor is not universally well received and is considered as either too dark or too light for specific operations. Clear visor are used at night mainly by RW and SCFW pilots but some pilots are still reluctant to use it for fear of inducing distortion and glare. Laser Protective Devices (LPDs) are used sporadically even when a laser threat may exist. Understanding of the limitations of LPDs when viewing inside and outside the cockpit is insufficient. Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) were mainly used by Tactical Helicopter (TH) pilots. TRUNCATED
NVG (Night Vision Goggles);Aircrew;Visual standards;Sun glasses;LPD (Laser protective devices);Vision protection
Report Number
DCIEM-TR-2000-065 — Technical Report
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01 Jul 2000
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