Radar technology forecast for land warfare


  1. Farley, G.J.
  2. Gauthier, S.M.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research Establishment Ottawa, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
The Canadian Army is planning a major update of land electronic warfare equipment in the next few years. In support of this acquisition there is a need to define the radar component of the future land electronic warfare threat. Part of the definition process involves predicting the technical characteristics of the array of radars that will be deployed by potential opponents. This report addresses this topic and has been written as one input to the Land Electronic Warfare Threat Target Array Study being coordinated by J2 Scientific and Technical Intelligence and sponsored by the Director of Land Requirements (DLR) and the Director of Land Command Systems Program Management (DLCSPM). In addition to considering the future trends in radar technologies and systems, this report also reviews the deployment of radar systems relevant to future land warfare. This treatment is divided into two parts: the ground-based and the airborne system. When possible we give the following radar information: name, capability, specification, time of availability, the list of the countries developing and acquiring it. Of the ground-based radars, we specifically consider the following: weapons locating and shell tracking, battlefield surveillance, meteorological, surface-to-air weapons, ground vehicle self-protection, target acquisition systems for main battle tansk, and subsurface object detection.
Weapons locating;Shell tracking;Subsurface object detection;Technology forecasts
Report Number
DREO-TM-2000-064 — Technical Memorandum
Date of publication
01 Apr 2000
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