Flight deck refuelling hose failure HMCS Preserver


  1. Hiltz, J.A.
  2. Roy, V.
  3. Matthews, J.R.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research Establishment Atlantic, Dartmouth NS (CAN)
The results of an investigation of a flight deck refuelling hose on HMCS Preserver that failed during a fuel recirculation step are reported. Markings on the hose indicated that it was manufactured by Titan and conformed to Military Specification MIL-H-6615E "Hose Assemblies. Rubber, Fuel and Water, With Reattachable Couplings, Low Temperature". MIL-H-6615E specifies physical, chemical and mechanical properties for hose and these were used as a basis for the investigation. Chemical analysis indicated that the inner tube and outer cover of the hose were as specified. However, a good length of the failed hose and an unused length of hose from the same batch failed a proof pressure test that required they withstand pressurization to 275 psi for 30 seconds. The adhesion of one of the two layers of reinforcing fibres to the rubber portion of the hose was also less than that specified. The mechanical responses of fibres from the inner and outer layers of reinforcement were also different. As part of the failure investigation, the same analyses were made on a length of refuelling hose from a different manufacturer. This material met the requirements for MIL-H-6615E hoses. It was concluded that the Titan hose failure was related to the fibre reinforcement. TRUNCATED
Proof Pressure testing;NATO F44 aviation turbine fuel;3-GP-24;Refuelling hose;Mechanical testing
Report Number
DREA-TM-2000-022 — Technical Memorandum
Date of publication
01 Jan 2000
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