Battle group command and control information system user requirements


  1. Brooks, J.E.
  2. Greenley, M.P.
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Defence and Civil Inst of Environmental Medicine, Downsview ONT (CAN);Humansystems Inc, Guelph ONT (CAN)
The current C2 process within the tactical Battle Group (BG) is labour and time intensive. Information dissemination, interpretation and assimilation is inefficient, critically so during the increases in battlefield tempo brought about by recent technological advances in mobility and firepower. BG Commanders and their staffs require automated support to reduce the length and improve the quality of their decision/action cycle. The Tactical Battlefield Command System (TBCS) was intended to provide the link in battlefield information management between the Land Force Command System (LFCS) at the level of the Brigade Group, and the Integrated Personal Clothing & Equipment (IPCE) system at the level of the dismounted soldier. However, for a number of reasons it was determined necessary to review the potential for LFCS to provide the functionality and capability required at BG HQ, one level of command lower than planned. The current contract with Humansystems Incorporated (HSI) was designed to establish, at a high level and within tight budgetary and schedule constraints, the critical Command, Control and Information System (C2IS) requirements at the BG level and the degree to which LFCS addresses them. To complete this task, a scenario based user review was conducted in May 1998 with military personnel representing key positions in the BG HQ. TRUNCATED
Tactical Battlefield Command System (TBCS);Human engineering;Human factors guidelines;Information requirements;Military information systems;User requirements
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DCIEM-CR-2000-120 — Contract Report
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01 Aug 1998
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