Auto Context Image Database Exploitation (ACIDE) – Description of the ACIDE_IO.PKG Module

  1. Levesque, M.P.
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Defence Research Establishment Valcartier, Valcartier QUE (CAN)
The whole ACIDE system is designed to automatically gather and process images that can be downloaded from the sensors to the DB through an electronic link. ACIDE is conceived to be programmable in such a way that it will have the capability of reacting to events. It will be able to recognize the context of image acquisition (or other image attributes), to dispatch an image to the appropriate processing algorithm, to save the results of the analysis and finally to warn the operator if something of interest has been found. To achieve this goal, the ACIDE system must first be able to automatically decode the image header and communicate all the information to the database. This task is performed by the ACIDE_IO program (external to the database application) that communicates sets of data to the "ACIDE_IO.PKG" function library (inside the database application), which stores all the information at the right place in the database tables. This document describes the ACIDE-IO.PKG package (function library). It contains the lists of variables (and their constraints) in the data sets communicated to the DB by ACIDE_IO. It also describes the processes executed by the ACIDE_IO.PKG functions.
ACIDE (Auto Contaxt Image Database Exploitation)
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DREV-TM-1999-136 — Technical Memorandum
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01 Jan 2001
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