Inhalation toxicity of aerosolized nerve agents. 1. VX revisited


  1. Bide, R.W.
  2. Risk, D.J.
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Defence Research Establishment Suffield, Ralston ALTA (CAN)
The estimated inhalation toxicity of VX for humans was re-examined. A literature search was conducted which identified a number of unrelated and inconsistent animal toxicity studies and some varying estimates of the human inhalation toxicity of VX. The human estimates varied between 5 and 100 mg.min/m3 without the authors identifying the related respiratory parameters in many cases. Nose only inhalation toxicity studies in mice, rats and guinea pigs were carried out using an NaCl aerosol with entrained VX as the toxic moiety. The observed LCT50 values for 12 min exposures of mice, rats and guinea pigs were 72,67 and 30 mg.min/m3, respectively. The mouse value agrees with the 71 mg.min/m3 reported previously by this laboratory for 10 min nose only exposures to VX vapour. No nose only values were found for rats in the literature. The literature values for whole body toxicity in rats and mice were significantly lower than the above figures. The guinea pig value in this study was similar to the 10 min, whole body value of 29 mg.min/m3 obtained from the literature.
Inhalation toxicity;Human estimates
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DRES-TR-2000-063 — Technical Report
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01 Sep 2000
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