A multiple criteria aggregation procedure for the evaluation of courses of action in the context of the Canadian airspace protection


  1. Guitouni, A.
  2. Martel, J-M.
  3. Belanger, M.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research Establishment Valcartier, Valcartier QUE (CAN);Laval Univ, Quebec QUE (CAN)
Defence Research Establishment Valcartier (DREV) initiated a research activity aimed at investigating and developing advanced technologies, approaches and concepts to provide the 1CAD/CANR Air Operations Centre (AOC) Commander and his senior staff with advisory tools for planning, management and employment of air defence resources and capabilities. An advisor tool was designed to assist the AOC staff managing events and their related Courses of Action (CoAs), as well as prioritising these CoAs according to different evaluation criteria. This command and control tool, called Commander's Advisory System for Airspace Protection (CASAP), was foremost developed to deal with events of counter-drug operations: to intercept drug smugglers violating the Canadian airspace, in co-ordination with different services and parties. Since the Commander needs to balance several conflicting and incommensurable criteria to make "wise" decisions in such a situation, Multiple Criteria Decision Aid models and procedures were deemed to be appropriate to deal with Canadian airspace protection decision-making situations. This document presents the Multiple Criteria aggregation procedure and the associated analysis tools that were implemented for this advisor tool.
Airspace protection;Courses of action evaluation;Multicriteria decision analysis;Multiple Criteria Decision Aids;Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis;Aggregation procedure;Stability analysis;What-if analysis;Preference modelling
Report Number
DREV-TR-1999-215 — Technical Report
Date of publication
01 Feb 2001
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