Impact of fluid replacement on heat storage while wearing protective clothing


  1. McLellan, T.M.
  2. Cheung, S.S.
Corporate Authors
Defence and Civil Inst of Environmental Medicine, Downsview ONT (CAN)
This study used partitional caloremetry to determine the influence of fluid replacement on heat storage during uncompensable heat stress. Eight males performed either light (L; level treadmill walking at 0.97 m-s(1)- (3.5 km-h1(-)) or heavy (H; 1.33 m-s1(-) (4.8 km-h1(-)) at a 4% grade) exercise at 40C and 30% relative humidity while wearing nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) protective clothing. Subjects received either no fluid (NF), or 200 or 250 ml of fluid (F) as warm water at proportional to 35C immediately before and every 15 min during the L and H trials respectively. Similar reductions in heart rate were observed at both metabolic rates with F but rectal temperature responses were not different between F and NF. Tolerance time was extended during L/F (106.5 = or - 22.1 min) compared with L/NF (93.1 + or - 20.8 min) but fluid replacement had no influence during H (59.8 + or - 9.5 min and 58.3 + or - 11.1 min for F and NF respectively). Fluid replacement also had no effect on the rate of heat storage during L (108.2 + or - 20.6 W-m2(1) and 111.0 + or - 22.6 W-m2(-) for F and NF respectively) and H (172.5 + or - 11.5 W-m2(-) and 182.1 + or - 15.8 W-m2(-) for F and NF respectively). TRUNCATED
Fluid replacement;Temperature regulation;Heat storage
Report Number
DCIEM-SL-2000-010 — Scientific Literature
Date of publication
01 Jan 2000
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Reprinted from
Ergonomics, Vol 43, No 12, 2000, p 2020-2030
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