Software support for sharing and tracking human factors issues during ship design


  1. Beevis, D.
  2. Davidson, P.
  3. Webb, R.
  4. Coutu, E.
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Defence and Civil Inst of Environmental Medicine, Downsview ONT (CAN)
Integration of Human Factors (HF) into ship design requires considering the impact of design features on the crew. HF in ship design must take into account such features as access and egress; space requirements for habitability; lines of sight to equipment and operators, reach to equipment, and human: machine interaction to name just a few. The Directorate of Maritime Ship Support (DMSS) in the Canadian Department of National Defence provides life cycle support for HF in Canadian warships including the review of ship compartment designs for compilance with good HF practice. The Human Factors Engineering - Intelligent Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (HFE-ICADD) software was developed to support application of HF in the design or modification of Canaian warships to: - Act as a central record for the HF plan and design criteria determined during concept development and preliminary design, and implemented during contract design. - Capture operational experience in the form of task analysis data, and design experience in the form of case-based reasoning. - Track iterations of drawings, compartment specifications, or a debate on a HF concern. - Provide hard/software flexibility to support use across several sites (DND and contractors). This project integrated custom designed, and off the shelf software products to facilitate sharing of design criteria and review decisions over the life cycle of a vessel. TRUNCATED
Human engineering;Ship workspace design;Ergonomics;Workstations;Human Engineering Tools;Human Factors Engineering Tools;Human systems integration;Software support
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DCIEM-SL-2000-102 — Paper
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30 Sep 2000
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