A Comparison of Career Prospects in the Canadian Forces (1995-2020)


  1. Kerzner, L.F.
Corporate Authors
Operational Research Div, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
Among the consequences of the Canadian Forces (CF) reenigineering of its Human Resources (HR) systems have been a decline of CF effective strength and an even greater percentage reduction of the resources available for recruiting and training. This combination has led to a situation in which many CF occupations are currently or will shortly face shortages of qualified staff for their anticipated tasks. In response, the CF is increasing intake and is reestablishing recruiting and training resources to what are anticipated to assure occupational sustainment. This will mean an inflow for the next few years at nearly twice the rate required for sustaining CF establishments. Discussion has arisen within ADM-HR group about the kind of career flow that this surge of recruits and any follow-on intake might encounter in contrast to what will be available to those recruited in the recent past. This paper describes the development and the application of a methodology for comparing and contrasting the expected career prospects of Officer and NCM cohorts entering the CF in different years. Specific reference is made to seven cohorts spanning the twenty five year period from 1995 to 2020. These include representatives from years of reduced intake (1995 and 2000), of surge intake (2001 for NCMs and 2003 for Officers) and four representatives of post surge intake (2005 to 2020 in five-year increments). TRUNCATED
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ORD-PR-2001-06 — Project Report
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30 Apr 2001
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